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Translations of Selected Quatrains from Khayyám's Rubáiyát from Farsi

By Sahand Rabbani

Without wine, man's true essence, I cannot sustain;
Without wine, the burden of man's body I cannot maintain.
I am captive to that moment when the wine server quoth,
"Drink one more glass," and I cannot, and refrain.

Without pure wine I cannot exist;
Without the elixir of grape I cannot persist.
I am captive to the moment when the cup-bearer says,
"Have another cup," and I am content to resist.

من بی می ناب زیستن نتوانم
بی باده کشید بارتن نتوانم
من بنده آن دمم که ساقی گوید
یک جام دگر بگیر و من نتوانم

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